Friday, July 22, 2011

Stumbleupon's Effect

I am a newbie at blogging and I am currently maintaining a design blog. And I am usually contented with the number of page views I get every day.

One night, while browsing through my unread emails, I came across an article that talked about how StumbleUpon can greatly increase the traffic going to your website.

I already had a StumbleUpon account but when I used it for the first time about a few months ago, I didn't notice any effect on my website.

So, out of boredom partly wanting to scratch that itch of curiosity, I opened my SU account and started posting links of my posts without even fixing the reviews. I just wanted to post links and see for myself what the effect would be.

After about 5 minutes, I checked my stats. From 25 page views earlier that evening, it went up to 65!
I got interested and excited.

I removed all of the links that I posted and opened one category in my blog - the shoe design category. I copied all of the links and posted them to StumbleUpon. I tried my best to fill up the reviews text box and waited for my views to change.

It looked like this:

The first large spike on the left is the one representing the number of page views that I had that day. From 65 views, it went up to 106. Then, it surpassed the 143 page view mark and went up to 206. After a few minutes, it reached 600 page views and finally stopped at 765!

My jaw dropped as I watched my page views rise by the minute! StumbleUpon can really drive tons of traffic into a website, given that you provide your viewers with rich content or content that's just simply cool. :)

If you're a blogger or an owner of a website, you should definitely try StumbleUpon for your SEO.

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